Final Expense

Final expenses, including funerals, outstanding medical bills, legal fees, etc. are expensive these days, and without a life insurance policy, your beneficiaries may not be able to give you a fitting farewell. That’s why you may need to make final expense life insurance Knoxville an important part of your financial plan.
We strive to find our clients the lowest premiums and the fewest health questions for final expense plans. Plans can start as low as 11.00 a month and can usually fit in anyones budget.
Final Expense plans help to end generational poverty and help with wealth transference. Our goal is to help family members on literally the toughest time in their lives.
A final expense life insurance policy is a permanent life insurance policy, and the face value is typically lower than traditional policies. It is typically recommended for those can’t qualify for traditional term life insurance because of factors such as ill health, lifestyle habits, or because you are deemed high risk or non-insurable by Knoxville life insurance companies.
It’s easy to apply
No medical exam is required. All you have to do is answer a few medical questions. No hassles!
The benefit will never be reduced or canceled
The coverage is guaranteed for life, regardless of future changes in age, health or occupation as long as premiums are paid on time.
This is very important as people receive offers in the mail daily which are policies that stop at the age of 80. We do not do this. We are happy to review any mail offer you may have a question about. We read the fine print. Our policies do not end at 80.